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Being a Leviathan, Fishlegs mentioned that the Bewilderbeast is a Class 10, which means it is the biggest and highest ranked Tidal Class dragon. It is unknown how a Class 1 Leviathan differs to a Class 10.

The villain in this tale is particularly heinous. How real was such a villain to the times?

Very real, actually. Although my villain isn't drawn from any particular real life incident or person, such malefactors existed then as they do now - sadly, villains of this stripe appear to be a constant in any civilized society. While the bulk of society plays by civilized rules, there are always those who believe such rules don't apply to them. My villain in this book bears all the typical traits of a self-absorbed, power-hungry yet charismatic character. The one aspect that distinguishes then from now is that then it was so much harder to catch and unmask such villains - they really did get away with dreadful crimes very often - because, of course, there was none of the CSI that modern crime fighting relies on to identify perpetrators. Back then, it was all a matter of careful deduction, and very often engineering a trap.

It seems that Mary, Henrietta's sister, plays a pivotal role in her older sister's love life - and Mary's romance is to follow. Are these two books connected?

First, yes, Mary does indeed play a pivotal role in Henrietta's story by insisting that Henrietta wears the necklace - and keeps wearing it until she's engaged, and can, properly and correctly, pass the necklace on to Mary, which in Mary's eyes must happen at Henrietta's engagement ball. Mary wants that necklace for her own reasons, but it has to come into her hands in the proper way, or it might not work as it's supposed to. So from the very first scene in Henrietta's book, we have Mary pushing Henrietta toward the altar - doing everything she can to get Henrietta to Henrietta's engagement ball. And of course, Henrietta finally gets there, and in the Epilogue we see Henrietta hand the necklace on to Mary. Essentially, the short scenes in Henrietta's book where she and Mary discuss Mary's desire for the necklace and the reasons behind that, and what happens in the Epilogue once Henrietta fastens the necklace around Mary's throat, provide the backstory to Mary's romance. So yes, these two books are connected, but, as usual with my books, it's perfectly possible to read them separately, or even in reverse order. The reader will simply have a more chronological view of events if they read them one after the other - Henrietta's first, then Mary's.

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