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— CHARLES DE GOAL & Midas Factory live anschl. Party mit DJ Plastikmann (Neon Welt) & DJ Zipo (aufabwegen) / Köln CANCELLED

Alfa Development purchased a piece of real estate on the corner of Third Avenue and 21st Street for $ million back in 2015; now, the property is on its way toward becoming a 21-story condo building . BKSK Architect is responsible for its design and will incorporate eco-friendly elements that will help the building obtain LEED Gold certification. The building’s 67 condos will range from one- to four-bedrooms, with asking prices expected to begin around the $ million mark.

Modernist Posters - We are one of the leading sources in the world for avant-garde designs from all eras and countries, both well-known and esoteric. Notable artists include  Hohlwein , Bernhard , Thorn-Prikker , Giacometti , Keller , Bernard , Pintori , Rand , and many others mentioned elsewhere.

What experience will help you in office? John brings experience to this position, understands the role of school board members and knows what real governance looks like. John has a proven track record of putting the educational needs of our children first. John is an accomplished and seasoned administrator, whose success was founded by a quality education received from . Mays High School, followed by a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He currently works for AECOM managing over $ of E-SPLOST school construction projects for the DeKalb County School District. John is running for office because he’s dedicated to every child. (edited for length)]

Familial Alzheimer disease is caused by a mutation in one of at least 3 genes: presenilin 1 , presenilin 2 and amyloid precursor protein (APP). [4] [5] [6] Other gene mutations are in study.

MatthewS:   For a 58 year old male in very good health besides 4 years of persistent, asymptomatic afib: I have a slightly enlarged heart, with a very mildly lowered ejection fraction. What is the likelihood that is caused by the afib, or something else?

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