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note sounded on a horn at the death of the quarry, , from French mort "dead," from Latin mortem (source of Spanish muerte , Italian morte ), accusative of mors "death" (see mortal (adj.)). Or from French mort "dead," from Vulgar Latin *mortus , from Latin mortuus .

At the early Third Age, Efaritay's husband Ascertes was kidnapped by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan , and she became Drakan's servant to save her husband. As the legions of the Sanguinesti region descended upon the Hallowland, the citizens of Hallowvale fled to the northern parts. After they abandoned their town, refugees fleeing the Sanguinesti region found the abandoned settlement. Those who couldn't flee inhabited it.

Danger De Mort - WonderlandDanger De Mort - WonderlandDanger De Mort - WonderlandDanger De Mort - Wonderland