Various - septic shock 3-way split - SEPTIC SHOCK: A Review article | British Journal of.

After reading your article, I looked at your definitions and that of CMS. It seems to me that the overarching idea for your article was to increase responsiveness and identify patients who have sepsis or might have sepsis in a timely manner to improve outcomes. It also seems that while CMS uses the bundle approach to organize the care, your article advocates for SOFA and QSOFA to help identify and care for this patients. Having been in healthcare for a few years, it seems to me that using the term "severe" might elicit certain quick actions to be implemented as opposed to not using that term as your article suggests that the term "severe sepsis" is redundant. Would you please comment on that?

"This is a new idea, but important because these conditions can be devastating. Some of the athletes of the current Parapan Am Games are disabled because of these medical conditions," said Warkentin, a professor of medicine and of pathology and molecular medicine for the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster. He is also a hematologist for Hamilton Health Sciences.

Various - Septic Shock 3-Way SplitVarious - Septic Shock 3-Way SplitVarious - Septic Shock 3-Way SplitVarious - Septic Shock 3-Way Split